Our Goal

  • Our first goal is to do our best to help one business at a time and help as many as possible.
  • Angelic Business Foundation, Inc. needs to develop and implement a strategic plan for financing the work of the Foundation in Tampa Bay and beyond. Using Plant City as the initial site for development, the Foundation will establish an innovative model for community development that will not only result in the revitalization of several communities in Tampa Bay, but also will create a sustainable revenue stream for the Foundation to fulfill its mission around the world.
  • In return the businesses must provide a free service for one year for the community for the donation or other arrangements will be made that will benefit the community.
  • We would like to continue this tradition year after year. That way the less fortunate will always be able to receive some help through the businesses that Angelic Business Foundation help establish.
  • We are not asking for hundreds or thousands of dollars although these donations are tax deductable; we are only asking for people to donate what they can afford.
  • Every dollar will help us with this goal, so we ask you to give what you can.
  • Let's make jobs, which helps our economy and at the same time, help the less fortunate.
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