My name is Carolyn Monroe

The vision behind my Angelic Business Foundation is to go Nationwide State to State to help others rebuild their communities with. I am a teacher, psychologist, cook, baker, maid, chauffer, referee, grief counselor, kiss boo boo's on my grandkids, friend, confident, banker, soul mate & muse everyone. ♥

I am a mother that is Dysfunctional in many ways, who stopped trying to be normal; I am Committed to Give Courage, Dream, Believe, Love, Be Magical, Wish For Others, Give Joy, Give Hope, Inspire and Give Laughter to Others!

This is what we could do EVERYDAY; although do we?

Are You *Aware* That I Am Different? "Not like that”:0) LOL

As a mother and wife, I had tendency to over think the timing of everything. Phrases like "When the kids are older" determined my career path. But really, there is no perfect time to start a new job or go back to school or reach out to a colleague.

I realized I could wait around forever and never find the exact right moment to take a risk. I have been through a lot in my life made a lot of mistakes had a lot of heart aches and gave some heartaches and I sure hurt some people along the way. I can't change what has happened only moved forward from it.

Carolyn Monroe's Bio

The vision behind my foundation is to go Nationwide State to State to help others rebuild their communities with.

Angelic Business Foundation. I was a University of Phoenix; Arizona Axia College student working on my PhD degree in psychology. I have put that on hold to do what I love best Angelic Business Foundation..

I was currently residing in my hometown Michigan for the past 6 years since hurricane Andrew took my home and rebuilt then hurricane Katrina took my last home. Now I am between places, Florida, and hometown Michigan. I owned several properties and have flipped many houses with my father growing up. My father worked for Alma College as a General Contractor for over 55 years.

In addition, my mother worked for Central Michigan University as a General Manager for over 55 years. I followed in my parents footsteps in both areas; I was a General Manager for a chain of restaurants for more than 10 years and seeing children changing, unlike the way I was raised, I went to work part time with my uncle who was Chief of Police and I went undercover while working to protect other children furthermore my own children were changing too.

So I went work part time at different schools under cover. I then wanted a Title to say I was an actual Police Officer. I went to college for my Corrections Officer degree then went on from there. I always out did myself for others, especially children. I always wanted to make a difference in the world to children and to the less fortunate. I always dreamed of traveling and seeing different walks of people and teaching my children that we are alike and that are what brought me to Florida.

It was warmer and I fell in love with the sunshine state so much that in 2000 my family and I decided to move here then when the hurricanes took both our homes and it forced us back to my hometown that is when I found my calling of what I was supposed to do.

I opened a rescue home in Michigan. Then I decided it was time to come back to Florida being confined to the bed during the winters was not helping me. All the children that lived in my rescue home were heartbroken because they could not come with us. I was a rescue to many children that were less fortunate.

Well it was not long after my family and I moved from my home state. I got a phone call from my mom that one of the children that I took in from time to time killed himself because he just could not cope without us. "I was just devastated". Then my spinal cord injury affected my physical abilities, I am unable to do that kind of work anymore. Along with the process of recovery, I had to put my college on hold again.

Furthermore, a back surgery that was supposed to be one surgery ended up to be 3-in1 month, placed me in a wheel chair, and I was unable to perform any kind of line of duties anymore. I have gone through several surgeries on my lower back S1-L4 that confined me to a wheel chair for 4 years in Miami, FL.

Where I was residing at the time in Miami, FL with my younger three children; Anya at the age of 15, Lance at the age of 5 and Tasia at the age of three at the time; my children took care of me 24/7. With my parents flying back and forth to check on us every month mind you no husband after 20 years; he left me and the children right after I spent 4 months in the hospital still in a 16 foot travel trailer, no house, no apt a card board box is what I called it in a wheelchair at that.

I now have lumbar spinal steno-sis, which means a joint disease leads to the growth of bony spurs that push on my spinal cord from my neck down to my S1-L4. Now because I have Spinal Cord Disc degenerative disease; it is like a crippling disease and degenerative disease something I inherited. Even now some days I am still confined to the electric wheel chair although that does not limit me to what I want to do. When I did get out of the hospital my husband at the time went back to our home town where he resides still....

I went back 5 years later to my home town when I could walk again, and I divorced my 1st husband. For years, I have been trying to put my life back together again after a spinal cord issues and several other surgeries that left me disabled at the age of 28.
  • 1st was S1-L4 Back Surgery.
  • 2nd of my Battles Breast Cancer.
  • 3rd Cancer was spread to my Colon.
  • 4th Central Nervous System Lymph Nodes have them surgically removed all the time.
  • 5th Damaged Spinal Cord non-reversible it was 5 years before it was discovered that it was slowly cutting off oxygen to my brain which affects everything I do not just mentally, physically too.
  • 6th Allergic to Titanium and Dairy Products and just about anything you can't imagine.
My 2nd husband is my very best friend, my confidant, I wouldn't be where I am today without him and he loves me unconditionally. ♥

I enjoy the simpler things in life! I enjoy movies new and old, hot tea, and coffee.

Swimming, camping, boating, fishing, the beach flip flops not into the latest fashions though. I love historic sites the color purple and Marylyn Monroe; only because we have the same last name, I wouldn't want her life style. I am a strong, confident, intelligent woman. In addition; to helping others that are less fortunate than me. I help others start their own Business or Non-Profit Business in addition giving back to the community. I love all walks of life. Now I have found my knack for finding new and interesting things to do. ♥

My Best Quotes:

Regardless of what Anyone Says or Thinks! Let'er Rip!

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world”.

"If you don't like something change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it.”

"It is sometimes better to boggle the mind than to mind the boggle.”

“Which I do to a lot of people!”

“Today is as good time, as any if you want to make this your year and let 'er rip!”

One person can make a difference!

Dear God, my prayer for my daughter in 2011 is for a fat bank account & a thin body. Please don't mix them up on her like you did last year.

AMEN!!! (From my mother to me!)

We are each of us, angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another. May all who meet and know you, see the Angel within.
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