Angelic Business Foundation is a non-profit Charity Foundation.

  • Angels Donations Foundation has set an even bigger challenge - exporting the concept beyond unique….
  • Angels Goal is to help others in need and re-establish them to be successful on their own.
  • "Life isn't about what you have; it's about what you have to give."
  • The loss of employment in America has left many people with a credit score that banks and institutions will not even consider loaning money for a new business.
  • All funds raised by Angel Donations will be directed to helping small businesses get established. This will enable people to return to the job force which is what America desperately needs right now.
  • After the business has been established, that business must offer a free service one day a week for the community and needy for one year or other arrangements will be made.
  • The formation of Angelic Business Foundation (previously known as Angel's Donations Corporation) began in 2008 when Carolyn Monroe sought to find a way to give back to the community by helping other mothers pursue their dreams of business ownership and personal development. Carolyn best exemplifies in her life what ABF Angelic Business Foundation is all about – rescue, progress, and the duty to “pay it forward.”
  • The mission of the Angelic Business Foundation, then, is to encourage the development of growing communities worldwide through small business education, resources and support. ABF will help establish businesses for other people, provide business training and resources, and offer financial support. In this way, local citizens can create and find employment and live productive lives at home.
  • In order for the Angelic Business Foundation to accomplish these goals, the organization has its own needs to address.
  • Among these needs are: office, classroom, and business incubator space; a broader, more diverse base of involvement and support; funding for staff and program support; and training, human and financial resources for small business development.
  • Just over $100,000 in initial funding is needed to cover various start-up costs such as real estate, fees and permits, office supplies, printing, promotions, and professional services.

What about America?

Angels Goal

Is to reach $70 Million in donations to put people back to work around the United States.

Are you up for the Challenge?

"I Am"

In the United States, we have homeless without shelter, children are going to bed without eating, elderly are going without needed meds, and mentally ill without treatment! Help us help them today!

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